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Sock Monkey Bowl KAL

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Sock Monkey Bowl Knit-Along!

September 6th through December 14th!

Once again, we are so proud to be a **Pro Shop sponsor** for the **2018 Pigskin Party KAL, hosted by the Down Cellar Studio Podcast.**  And to double the fun (and chance for prizes!), we're having a KAL at Knitters Brewing, too, so all the Sock-aholics can get in on the fun.  Join us for Sock Monkey knitting while we watch football - and you may even win a prize!  These projects make great gifts, too!!!

This year, our exclusive products for this super fun football knitting event are the new colors Sock Monkey Grey and Sock Monkey Brown in Sock-aholic Brewski (100% superwash merino worsted weight yarn).  And to support this yarn, we've launched several fun new project kits and patterns to go with it:  a Hat and Mitts Set, Puppets, Golf Club Covers, and Koozies!  This KAL is for anyone who would like to make any of that Monkey Business for a chance to win some prizes.

Description:  Around here, we just LUV us some Sock Monkeys!  So we combined a couple of our favorite dying techniques, and created yarn that is reminiscent of the fiber blends which started the eponymous toy craze.  Complete the look by adding Rockin' Granny Red Ale and White Lightnin' to the projects, and you've got extreme cuteness in the unmistakable Sock Monkey theme.  There are four projects included in this KAL for you to choose among:

Sock Monkey Stocking Cap and Mitt Set:  This set is easy to make, and loads of fun to wear or give as a gift.  The cap features a turned up brim and a striped stocking cap drape in the back - tipped with a festive pom pom or tassel, of course!  The quick-knit mitts feature an optional mouth appliqué for those whose tastes run a little more Monkey Forward.  With four pattern sizes available, the whole family can participate in Monkey Business!  Kits contain enough yarn to make the Hat and Mitt Set in the specified kit size, along with the pattern and a KAL stitch marker.

  • Four Sizes:  Toddler (Child, Adult Small, Adult Large)
  • Head Circumference:  (15-16") [(17-19"), (20-21"), (22-24")]
  • Mitten circumference around knuckles:  5.75" (6.5", 7.5", 8.5")
  • See Kit link below for yarn and supply lists









Sock Monkey Hand Puppet:  Whimsical sock monkeys naturally bring out the entertainer in anyone!  Around here, they are particularly fond of lip syncing to disco music.  These quick knits start with a long ribbed section that is accented with sporty stripes.  The pattern then uses the shadow-wrapped short row technique to form the two-color mouth and subsequent head shaping.  Ears, a pom pom, a pair of buttons, and some brain stuffing add the finishing touches to your new friend. The Adult size puppet is made from Brewski worsted weight yarn.  The Small Child and Medium sizes are made from fingering weight yarn.  The Adult Puppet Kit contains enough yarn to make one puppet.  The Child Kit contains enough yarn to make 2 Small Child puppets, or 1 medium puppet. Kits also contain the pattern and a KAL stitch marker.

  • Three Sizes:  Small Child (Medium, Adult)
  • Middle Finger Knuckle to Finger Tip:  (2.5 to 3") [(3 to 4"), (4" or longer)]
  • See Kit link below for yarn and supply lists









Sock Monkey Koozies:  We believe that all beverages should be decorated.  So adorning our cans and bottles with Sock Monkeys was a no brainer!  Worked in the eponymous color scheme, these koozies are easy to make, and loads of fun to use or give as gifts.  The quick-knits are worked in the round, and feature attached ears, a mouth appliqué, and button eyes.  With four pattern sizes available, we've got most of your beverages covered - literally!  The Sock Monkey Koozie Kit contains sufficient yarn to make at least two koozies, depending on the sizes made, along with the pattern and a KAL stitch marker.

  • Four Sizes:  Standard 12 oz Can (24/25 oz Tall Can, 20 oz Sports Drink Bottle, 32 oz Sports Drink Bottle)
  • Circumference x Height when on the container:  (8.25 x 4") [(9 x 6.5"), (9 x 5.75"), (11 x 6")]
  • See Kit link below for yarn and supply lists


Sock Monkey Golf Club Covers:  They're cute, they're cheerful, and they are quiet while you putt.  Decorate your golf bag with these whimsical sock monkeys, while protecting your precious equipment from the elements.  These quick knits start with a long ribbed section that is accented with stripes to indicate the club number stored within.  The pattern includes instructions for Woods 1 through 5 - make whichever ones you need for your set of clubs!  Genuine sock knitting techniques are used to shape the monkey's short-row mouth and protruding ears.  A pair of buttons, a connecting cord, and a pom pom add a finishing touch to each cover.  Currently this design is only available as a pattern download only.

  • One Size:  Ribbing:  Approx. 8".  Head Length:  Approx. 5.5";  Head Circumference:  Approx. 9"
  • See Ravelry Pattern page for yarn and supply lists


No yarn purchase is required to participate in the KAL, but kits are available in your choice of Sock Monkey Grey or Sock Monkey Brown by scrolling below. Or, if you prefer to visit your stash, you can download the patterns below, or on Ravelry at these links:

How to Play Along:

  1. To sign up, just Click Here to find the Ravelry discussion thread for this KAL, and let us know You’re In! All KAL related chit chat, pattern support, show and tell, and prize awards will be managed through this Ravelry group.
  2. Our KAL will be using the any of the following four patterns:  Sock Monkey Stocking Cap and Mitts, Sock Monkey Hand Puppet, Sock Monkey Koozies, or Sock Monkey Golf Club Covers by Wendy Gaal.  Three of these are also available as part of a kit - see details below! 

Kits Include:

  1. Sufficient Main color, White contrast and Red contrast yarn to make the project
  2. A football or monkey stitch marker to help you with your project!
  3. and, your chosen pattern by Wendy Gaal in pdf - with options for hard copy and/or Ravelry Library copy.

Prizes! At noon (Pacific time) on Friday, December 14, the names of all participants who have posted a photo of any of these completed Sock Monkey projects on our Ravelry discussion board will be entered into the random drawing for prizes.  No yarn purchase is necessary to participate in this KAL, however the Grand Prize will be awarded to a knitter who uses Knitters Brewing Company Sock-aholic yarn. Knitters who use other brands of yarn are eligible for the Runner-Up prizes.

Runner Up Prizes (2 to be awarded): A $25 Gift Certificate from Knitters Brewing Company.

Grand Prize (1 to be awarded): A $50 Gift Certificate from Knitters Brewing Company.

The Moderating Brewmistress also reserves the right to add any needed guidelines that she may have overlooked. She is blonde, you know.

What You Can Do To Prepare:

  1. Purchase your kit by scrolling below, or decide what yarn you are going to use and download the pattern.
  2. Gather your recommended needles and supplies as indicated in the details for each kit or pattern.
  3. Check out the group of video tutorials for these projects that we have posted in the Ravelry group.

Hope you can join us for the Monkey Business!