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Customer Feedback

Here's an example of what our awesome customers have been taking the time to tell us:

"Hi Wendy,

What an amazing company you are running! The yarn choices made it crazy hard to pick a color.  I LOVE THE NAMES!!! My mind has been searching though all of the cocktails I can imagine and matching them with colors.  (yup, am I am dope)  I am so looking forward to the mystery KAL…this group looks like way to much fun…

Glasses raised to you as well,  L"

--- ♥ --- ♥ --- ♥ ---

"I received my special UCBerkeley Tailgate Party Yarn, and I couldn't be more pleased. Not only are your service and product superior, your offer to make up a special "cocktail", so that the colors would more perfectly align with UC Berkeley's blue and gold, made me a return customer, for sure. Thanks again.  J"

--- ♥ --- ♥ --- ♥ ---

"I just wanted to write and thank-you for sending out my cabernet harvest sock yarn so quickly...I don't usually buy my yarn on line because once I get the yarn the colors are completely different than they look on my computer...Not so in this case...I just love this yarn and the colors together are just fantastic...I will definitely be back for several more colors...Thanks for all the good work you do.

Sincerely, KD"
--- ♥ --- ♥ --- ♥ ---

"I just received my kit for the "Shaken Not Stirred" scarf and I'm so happy!  Your customer service is awesome and *much* appreciated!  Thank you for the thank you card you enclosed!  I used to work in customer service (I was the shipping department!) and I genuinely value and recognize exceptional service!

All the best, C"

--- ♥ --- ♥ --- ♥ ---

"I received my order yesterday and I just wanted to Thank-You for the fantastic, super service...The yarn is gorgeous, can't wait to get started on my tiger socks...

It's great to deal with a company that cares about their customers...You ship the items I buy so quickly and I love that...Keep up the great work and I will definitely be back for more and more of your great products.

Thanks again...K  :o)"

 --- ♥ --- ♥ --- ♥ ---

"I just wanted to tell you that I received my first box of deliciousness from you today, and I am in LOVE!!!! It was packaged soooo sweetly, the patterns are wonderful~and a handwritten card to boot?!?!?! You'll be seeing a lot of me! - S"

 --- ♥ --- ♥ --- ♥ ---

"I just received my order today.  I am so excited!!!  My first thought when I opened the box is that I wished I could share the entire experience with all my knitting friends -- as a matter of fact, I opened the box, took out everything, looked at it, and then put it all back in the box -- exactly as you sent it -- so that they could see the time and effort you spent putting my order together.  And when they do see for themselves how much thought you put into your shipments, not to mention the quality of the yarn (and your personal handwritten note) I am sure they will all be jumping online to order yarn from you!!  I'll be sure to pass on your website and my experience with your company.
Thank you, Wendy, for making my day today! - C"
 --- ♥ --- ♥ --- ♥ ---


I received my two yarn kits today and I had stop what I was doing so I could write you a note.
Your speedy delivery is much appreciated, as always, but it is the extra things that you do that really bring a smile to my face.  I love your packaging and having the two yarns kits in two separate bags will also make my friend smile when I deliver her portion of the order!
Thank you for putting the patterns into a stiff mailing envelope to keep them crush and crease free.
The time you take to write the notecards, and with personal messages, also does not go unnoticed, and is one of the many reasons that I recommend your company to friends, both often and loudly!
I have a feeling that no matter how big your customer base becomes, you will still attempt to offer the lovely personal service that you do now.
Thank you! - K"